How it works

Biologik-Systems plans, develops, and supplies the market with innovative technologies for recycling biomass waste. Our closed-loop systems transform waste into a high-quality secondary resource that simultaneously generates renewable energy and nutrient-rich organic compost. In line with the objectives of the European Commission’s Waste Directive and the 2030 Climate and Energy Framework, Biologik-Systems is committed to developing breakthrough technologies that solve the global problem of waste management. By meeting EU policy objectives while providing full economic recovery and optimal environmental performance, customers are offered an unprecedented innovative solution to their waste management needs.

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Pilotprojec Research Centre Laimburg

Posizione: Research Centre Laimburg

Installazione: 31.03.20

Materia prima: Prunings from orchads and vineyards 13ttm

Carico termico continuo: 6KWth

Massimo carico: 16KWth


Pilotprojec– Hof des Wandels 

Posizione: Hof Des Wandels – Eppan an der Weinstrasse

Installazione: 14.04.20

Materia prima: Residues from debarking 11tt

Carico termico continuo: 4KWth

                                                                                             Massimo carico: 11KWth


BioHeat System  Traubenhof Peterlin 

Posizione: Traubenhof – Kaltern an der Winstrasse

Installazione: 22.12.20

Materia prima: Pruning residues from orchards and vineyards

Carico termico continuo: 6KWth

Massimo carico: 16KWth